Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ke$ha Pokes Fun At Disney In New Funny Or Die Clip

Pop singer plays a dirty Disney princess in online parody.
By Jocelyn Vena

Ke$ha in Funny or Die's "Disney's Princess Ke$ha" video
Photo: Funny Or Die

Ever wonder what it would be like if Disney gave Ke$ha her very own movie? Well wonder no more, since the folks over at Funny or Die have dreamed up a new Ke$ha-starring satire, "Disney's Princess Ke$ha."

The clip opens with Ke$ha in a castle bedroom addressing her animated pals, complaining about her alarm clock waking her up. "Oh that clock. What a killjoy," she says as she stares out of her window in the castle tower. Just as she begins singing a very Disney melody, she proclaims it "gross" and says "f--- it," before kicking off a signature Ke$ha-style tune, complete with her rap-sing style and club-ready beat.

"Time to get the day going/ Dress it up to the nines/ Yo, critter crew/ Make Princess Ke$ha look fine," she sings. "Add a little pinch of magic from my fairy-tale life and off we go." Then she goes into the chorus: "I'm getting ready so nice / I'm getting customized."

The pop star is later catapulted into the real world. In an alley, she meets up with an animated rat, a pumpkin and a cross-dressing hobo fairy godmother. The rat and pumpkin are transformed into a shopping cart and a man who take off with Ke$ha.

This is the singer's second appearance on the site. Last November she appeared in a clip where she jokingly explained "The Story of the $."

"I used to be Kesha with an S, instead of a dollar sign, and then one year I had my birthday party at Shakey's Pizza," she said in the clip. "On the sign, the big sign where they write 'Happy birthday,' they replaced the S with a dollar sign. It ruined my life. I wanted to be a CPA, but you know who H&R Block doesn't hire? People with dollar signs in their name. I pretty much had to be a pop star."

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