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'Mechanic' Star Jason Statham Talks Allure Of Playing Tough Guys

'If I do go into something else, it will be because it is good,' the action hero tells MTV News.
By Kara Warner

Jason Statham
Photo: MTV News

Those familiar with the work of Jason Statham know that he doesn't really do "fluffy" films or romantic comedies. He is a man of action and general butt-kicking/badass-ery: see "The Transporter," "The Bank Job," "Crank" and "The Expendables," to name a few.

Statham's new film, "The Mechanic," in which he plays a trained assassin who takes the son of his former mentor (Ben Foster) under his wing, is no different. There is a lot of action and a lot of ass-kicking, just the way his fans like it.

When MTV News caught up with Statham, we asked him if he felt at all typecast, and whether he'd take on a nice-guy role in a romantic comedy someday.

"You know, it's tough, because people will always keep saying to me, 'Do you only see yourself doing action movies?' and, I don't know," Statham said. "It's very difficult because one day I might be asked to do something that is of quality in a different genre, but the films that come from different genres aren't that great," he argued. "So I end up not doing them because once you make a mistake in that area, you can't go back. So, if I do go into something else, it will be because it is good."

But Foster told us his co-star doesn't just play a tough guy onscreen, but rather makes each performance unique by infusing them with "vulnerability."

"If you're a tough guy, and Jason is, the hardest part is showing vulnerability," Foster explained. "And it's working in 'The Bank Job' and in 'The Mechanic' here, and other films. He brings a lot of quiet heart to it. And it's difficult stuff because movie viewers aren't looking for that necessarily," he said. "But Jason is always being a humanity to [something] behind the bullets."

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