Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ryan Gosling Had 'No Nerves' Going Into The Golden Globes

'We were in no danger of winning,' the 'Blue Valentine' star tells MTV News of his Best Actor in a Drama loss.
By Kara Warner, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Ryan Gosling
Photo: David Livingston/ Getty Images

The last few interactions MTV News has had with Ryan Gosling have been interesting, to say the least.

Going back to January 2010, when we first had the opportunity to sit down with him and "Blue Valentine" co-star Michelle Williams, what should have been a serious conversation about a serious movie ended up introducing us to a new term: "cranking." "It's when you cry while you masturbate," Gosling explained at the time.

Now, ever since that fateful interview, it's become a running joke, and we bring it up every time we encounter the Golden Globe-nominated actor.

Case in point, the Weinstein Golden Globes afterparty, where we asked Gosling if he would be dealing with his loss in the Best Actor category to "King's Speech" star Colin Firth by cranking. Gosling scoffed at that suggestion and insisted he has never cranked.

"I never did crank," he said. "I know you think that I did, but I didn't."

Fair enough, Ryan. So in all seriousness, how did he handle the pressure of being nominated and then not winning?

"We were in no danger of winning," Gosling said. "So there were no nerves, no speeches to plan. Just [going] to have a nice night. I had a nice time — did you?" Gosling asked of "Valentine" writer/director Derek Cianfrance.

"I had a very nice night, yes," Cianfrance responded. "There was nice cucumber sandwiches on white bread. Little rectangles, finger sandwiches, I think. That was a good time."

"There was a menu," Gosling added. "But no evidence of what was on that menu ever appeared."

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