Saturday, January 15, 2011

Courteney Cox Admits Her "Life Is Kind of Crazy Right Now"

Courteney Cox Admits Her "Life Is Kind of Crazy Right Now"

Ever since they announced their split three months ago, David Arquette has been loose-lipped about their drama, while Courteney Cox has remained relatively silent. But now it's Cox's turn to talk.

On Thursday, the Cougar Town star told reporters that her "life is kind of crazy right now." And it was actually Cox, not the reporters, who first brought up Arquette’s name, in a reference to her preference for top-shelf wine.

"I think I have a fancy palate -- at least that’s what David always used to say," the actress said, referring to Arquette, who is currently in rehab for depression and alcohol issues.

After 11 years of marriage, Arquette and Cox announced their separation in October. Arquette was quick to divulge personal details about their sex life and marital problems, and his erratic behavior led many to believe he was having a nervous breakdown.

The media scrutiny has taken its toll on the actress. Cox admitted the older she gets, the more sensitive she becomes. "Obviously, my life is kind of crazy right now," she said. "So, getting a lot of that. It’s probably a little harder for me than it used to be -- I think I just didn't notice."

Cox also opened up about their 6-year-old daughter, Coco, and admits she allows her to watch Mom’s racy ABC show. "I do (let her watch)," Cox said. "I tell her to close her eyes when it’s inappropriate -- but she does."

In the wake of the couple’s split, Cox made it clear she was separated, and not planning to get divorced. And when Arquette announced he was entering rehab, Cox wished him well and offered her public support.

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