Sunday, January 30, 2011

'Bachelor' Brad Womack Talks Arrest, "Cutthroat" Women

'Bachelor' Brad Womack Talks Arrest, "Cutthroat" Women

Brad Womack doesn't deny that he's broken some hearts in the past, but it was his criminal -- and not his romantic -- history that The Bachelor star wanted to clear up during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In an interview with Leno, 38-year-old Womack addressed OK! magazine's cover story about his arrest for driving with a fake license. "This happened 20 years ago," Womack explained. "I was a very young kid, I was trying to get into bars. I was in fraternities, and I made a fake ID. That's all it boils down to." Watch the clip for yourself below.


"It's sad that things get so blown out of proportion, but I guess scandal sells," he added. "But it was 20 years ago. It was a fake ID. I'm not condoning that by any means, but it was (just) a fake ID."

The reality star went on to admit to Leno that the license bore a different last name than Womack, but the reason for that is far from shady. "I was born Womack. I was adopted at 4 years old and changed my last name (to Picklesimer)," he said. "As soon as I got out of college, I changed my name back to Womack, because that's my name and I'm proud of it."

Womack also assured the late-night host that even though he didn’t find love his first time on the show, he's still "a hopeless romantic." "You can find love no matter what," he told Leno. That said, Womack acknowledged the competitive nature of some of the Bachelor contestants vying for his heart. "I'm watching behind the scenes at the house, and these women are cutthroat," he laughed. "Hands down, I would say women are more competitive than men."

One of those super competitive ladies is Michelle Money, the contestant Womack claimed "gave herself a black eye" and who also admitted to an affair with a married NBA player.

Despite the win-at-all-costs antics of many of the female contestants, Womack refuses to call them desperate. "I went on twice," he smiled. "I'm the desperate one."

Do you think Brad Womack will find love the second time around? Chime in below!

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